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This is the official website for singer/composer Déann Macalla.
 LATEST  Déann competes at Jogovision!
Watch Déann's video for "He Will Return To Me" for The Jogovision Song Contest here on YouTube, then cast your vote here! (voting ends Dec 1, 2011)

Déann will represent Ireland at JSC!
Déann will represent Ireland at The Jogovision Song Contest, coming in the fall of 2011. She will be singing her composition "He Will Return To Me", with lyrics by Sean. An audio preview of all twelve entries, including Déann's, can be heard on the Jogovision site, as well as on The Jogoland Group's YouTube channel. Good luck to you, Déann!

"It's Time For Christmas"
Déann has been commissioned by Pla-Tonic Brand to write a Christmas song for use in one of their commercials. You can see the commercial here on YouTube; the entire song is available as a free download on the It's Time For Christmas page.

New music video: "Under June's Moon"

It took longer than expected, but we are happy to finally announce Déann's second music video, "Under June's Moon", has made its debut both here and on YouTube!

Déann appears in Japanese beverage ad!

(click on picture to enlarge)

Déann was photographed for an ad for Japan's Pla-Tonic Brand Beverages' "Mekyabetsu Ramune", which is Brussels sprout-flavored soda! The writing underneath "drink green." says: "Because everyone in Ireland loves the color green, singer Déann Macalla (spelled phonetically in Japanese as de-a-n-ma-caa-ra) drinks Pla-Tonic Brand's Mekyabetsu Ramune.", while the writing above the logo says, "Won't you try it?" Frankly, it sounds nasty to us, but Déann says she really likes it.

Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Daoibh!
Happy New Year to everyone! We are all very excited right now because Déann has just finished principal photography for her next music video! And for which song is that? Well, we want it to be a surprise ... but here's some behind-the-scenes photos: Déann studying the script, and on a coffee break.

We hope to have the video done by the spring, so stay tuned!

Déann meets Eerie Tom
Correspondent Robert Bibson interviewed Déann about her recent collaboration with Japanese techno musician, Eerie Tom. Read all about it here.

Holiday Greetings from Déann Macalla and Sean Chaite!

Now showing on YouTube ...

Déann's first music video, for Pageant of the Clouds!

Available now: Déann's debut album, Cumulus Days!

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Track Listing
  1. Cumulus Days
  2. The Fascinating Sky
  3. Pageant of the Clouds
  4. Tarcaisne
  5. Silent Winter Nights
  6. Under June's Moon
  7. おどおどする月 (Odo Odo Suru Tsuki)
  8. An Maith Leat Bheith Ag Eitilt?
  9. Virgo Supercluster
  10. Cumulus Nights alternate spelling Deann Macalla

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