Virgo Supercluster mp3 clip

From humble Terra, on to Luna
From the moon to Mars
From solar system to Proxima Centauri afar
Beyond Orion's arm and then the Milky Way's expanse
One hundred thousand light years wide but still we can go on

Clouds Magellanic, small and large
Go 'round the Milky Way
Ten million light years wide: the Local Group of galaxies
A giant pinwheel twirling in the sky: Triangulum
Andromeda, the largest, but a cloud to Al-Sufi

Aliquantus ...

Behold the Virgo Supercluster
Hundred groups within
Two hundred million light years reaching out from end to end
Incredible as it may seem, there's still much more to see
Beyond the northern local supervoid, a boundless sea

Two billion light years wide of superclusters neighboring
There's Norma in the Great Attractor, Cetus, Böotes
And eight and twenty billion light years, furthest we can see
(dies stella temperat)
Oh pray what lies beyond our feeble sight, eternity?
Caveat emptor

Latine loqui coactus sum
Quidquid latine dictum sit altum videtur
Per aspera ad astris
Sic itur ad astris
Provehito in altum
Sidene mens eadum mutato
Caveat emptor
music, Déann Macalla; lyrics, Sean Chaite
© 2008, Joseph L. Thornburg. All Rights Reserved.

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